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About Us

e-Learning + Mathematics = Exptutor

We exist to simplify understanding of high-school (secondary school) mathematics, and we achieve that goal by making use of the latest and most efficient computing technology.

Taking not only official standards but also investigating research done by leading cognitive psychologists on learning methods and theories across the globe we have compiled one of the most efficient learning systems available.

Exptutor is designed with the student in mind. It provides a platform for the student and teacher/parent to track progress and identify any gaps in the student\'s understanding of the topics in mathematics.

  • Simplified Learning
  • Structured, Multimedia Content
  • Easy to use
  • Reporting
  • Problem-Area Recognition
  • Mathematics Improvement
  • Quintus van Wyk Chief Executive Officer / Founder

    Being home-schooled for ten years and obtaining his degree through a distance education university (University of South Africa), Quintus has a vast amount of experience in teaching himself. He obtained his degree in Computer Science with specialization in Computational Intelligence, and went on to work on projects involving organizations such as the South African National Defence Force and the major banks of South Africa.

    He has a keen interest in helping others learn and understand mathematics and finding new ways to ease the learning process. Because Quintus understands the needs and challenges of learning from home he has a great passion and desire to develop systems that assist learners and parents in the learning process.

    In 2013 he decided to head into the education field - by starting his own e-learning company. Exptutor is the fruition of this endeavour.

    Quintus is also a part-time tutor for the University of South Africa and is currently doing his Masters degree in Computer Science with a focus on knowledge visualization in incident management systems.

  • Social Commitment Giving back to the Community

    We believe in giving back to the community and therefore would like to offer free subscriptions to qualifying, less privileged school learners.

    Should you be interested, or know of any students that can benefit from this offer, please contact us on the following email address: